About Zillion Techs

About Zillion Techs

At Zillion Technologies, we provide a wide selection of shortwave infrared (SWIR) products, including SWIR image sensors, SWIR cameras and SWIR lenses. Being a Chinese agent and distributor of multiple domestic and overseas brands, we aim to offer state-of-art products and solutions to clients globally to meet their needs of various applications.

Our team has established stable cooperative relationships with many manufacturers in the SWIR sector, and this allows us to know the needs of our clients better and respond quicker. 

Zillion Techs specializes in creating cost-effective solutions that meet clients' specifications, timelines, and budgets in SWIR infrared fields. We help clients from both domestic and overseas markets receive full access to unrestricted performance and full supply-chain control: from the unprocessed starting material to fully packaged production devices such as IR cameras, lasers, waveguides, and systems.

We truly believe that research and innovation are the pillars of future growth, and our partnerships with other manufacturers, universities, research institutions would efficiently drive technological breakthroughs in shortwave infrared fields.