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China Infrared Array Sensor

At Zillion Techs China Infrared Array Sensor, our clients receive full access to unrestricted performance and full supply-chain control: from the unprocessed starting material (usually epitaxy) to fully packaged China infrared array sensor production devices such as IR imagers/cameras, lasers, waveguides, and systems.

We provide linear and focal plane arrays and extended wavelength ingaas linear image sensor and cameras. The applications of this China infrared sensor and China infrared camera include security, surveillance, scientific, spectral imaging, machine vision, line-scan inspection, laser beam profiling, and process monitoring. Specialized in Indium Gallium Arsenide (InGaAs technology) imaging technology, Zillion Techs manufactured a wide range of high-quality shortwave infrared (SWIR) cameras covering the spectrum from 900nm-1700nm or 400nm-1700nm.

Our China ir camera is designed with cutting-edge technology and has excellent performance, even in low-light conditions. We also offer a wide range of infrared image sensors,all of which are designed for maximum performance. Our China ir camera is highly customizable and feature on-board computing, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.We have our Zillion Techs's top china ir photodiode sensor engineering team that can take your optoelectronics fabrication needs from process design, through development stages, and eventually to commercial production in-house. With our world-class design and fabrication facility, Zillion Techs is ready to take your next project from design to prototype to volume production of China infrared camera and sensor. If you take interest in our China infrared sensor and China infrared camera, don't hesitate to contact us.

SWIR Cameras

The high-quality shortwave infrared (SWIR) cameras supplied by Zillion Techs are able to cover the spectrum from 900nm-1700nm or 400nm-1700nm. As the Specialist in Indium Gallium Arsenide (InGaAs) image sensor technology, our China infrared sensor products include 1D linear arrays and 2D focal plane arrays & extended wavelength response imaging, showing excellent performance in a variety of applications.

SWIR Sensors

Zillion Techs China infrared sensor manufacturer provides different types of InGaAs imaging sensors.

SWIR Lenses & Accessories

We have a wide range of options to deliver the best China infrared sensor solution for our cameras. It is advised to use high-performance SWIR Optimized Lens to maximize the ultimate use of our products.
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